Bridging the Gap

The Forth Road Bridge at forty something – Never built to carry today's traffic load, and suffering from corrosion, she's starting to show her age. This essay follows some of the team whose working day is spent keeping the bridge open.

Lovozero Lives!

Small–town, NW Russia. Ethnic Sami, cut off from Scandinavia for decades, are now getting huge investment from their Sami neighbours in Norway, Sweden and Finland – medical equipment; industrial plant; a soup kitchen and second hand clothes – it's all fuelling a cautious renaissance in Sami culture after years of Soviet oppression and post–Soviet neglect.

Remembrance Factory

In an old printing works in Edinburgh, a team of ex–servicemen, some of whom are registered disabled, make all the remembrance poppies for Scotland. The factory is full of laughs and banter as well as the symbols and living proof of the cost of war.

Out to Sea

Fraserburgh, NE Scotland, has a mortality rate among it's young men which is far above the national average. Drink, drugs and fast cars all take their toll as community activists attempt to reverse this trend and save young lives.

Pittenweem Arts Festival

The story of a Fife fishing village which, for one week in summer, hosts a huge, vibrant, arty jamboree: painters and punters and punnets of chips. Not London, Paris, NYC.

Salvos in Moscow

With pressure from the Orthodoxy, the Salvation Army's activities in Moscow were deemed by the city administration to be 'paramilitary' and put on the 'banned' list. These pictures were taken out on manoeuvre with the Moscow Salvos. The administration later backed down and the Salvation Army continue their work as normal.

So Farewell then, Murray Mitchell

The last days of trading for a St Andrews butcher. A familiar tale of local character and community being eroded by the big baddies of business and consumer convenience. Steak pie purveyor to princes and paupers.

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